One Arm Dumbell Row

One arm Dumbell Row is an exercise that is done to improve the muscles of our back body. It should be noted that when doing a certain exercise, one should follow the right procedure or else the results will not bring any positive change as required. Therefore, when doing this kind of exercise, here are simple techniques that one should follow to make your back muscles to be in the right position. After doing this, I hope you will love it as it will make your muscles feel relaxed.

Here are the simple steps;

1). Ensure you are in the right position to avoid any inconveniences. After setting a weight bench, stand firm while holding your Dumbell on the either side that you feel comfortable. In our case, hold the Dumbell on your right hand.

2). Then put your left hand on the bench, on the same level place your left knee on the bench also. Ensure the bench is straight enough to make it easier in balancing. After doing that, lower your right arm down but it should not be too straight.

3). Your chest should not be nearer to the hips therefore you need to bend forward a bit. By doing this, you would have pulled your abdomen in. ensure your back is straight and at the same time it has to be parallel to the bench and floor.

4). Your right knee would be forcefully bent a little bit forward to keep you stable. Then raise your right arm while holding the Dumbell to a point that your elbow is straight upward. Remember at this level, your hands should not be directly interact with your ribs. Please make sure your upper arm is parallel to the floor.

5). This stage is the most critical one so you should carry it out carefully to avoid any pains to your lower abdomen. Lower your right arm slowly but ensure your hands are still bit straight. Do this repeatedly for about ten times for a beginner.

6). Change your position. In this case if you had started with your right arm, turn to your left arm to create balance in your body muscles.

Remember, the more you do this regularly, the more you become used to hence increasing the number of times you lift the Dumbell.

For the bent over row Dumbell, it is not much different from the above procedure.

You just need to start the same way you did in the above One Arm Dumbell Row but before you embark on lifting up the Dumbell, you need to ensure that your arm is in contact with your ribs. Here, you also need to carry it out slowly to avoid any feelings of pain.

It is advisable to do this exercise if you do not have any abdominal related diseases as it may result to unwanted pains.

Bent over row forms can differ especially with Dumbells,. For instance, when lifting one arm row at most cases the side ribs moves inwards unlike when lifting with the two arm. Most important thing is that when doing a one arm Dumbell, it is you who controls your body arms to a position that will make your muscles relaxed.

As noted above this exercise is important to your back muscles. Above all, it enhances your body fitness. Try this regularly and you will not regret. Remember, practice makes perfect.